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865Coronation thanks

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  • Carol O'Connell
    Mar 26, 2007
      Thank you to all the musicians who came out to play at Coronation,
      serenading Caillin in her Rose ceremony. And special thanks to HL Ailsa, for
      arranging the space and herding us into place.

      The weather couldn't have been lovelier. And the turnout was great. Special
      thanks to Emily (Katriana's daughter) who helped wrangle the music stands
      when the wind blew them over. And to HE Xorazne, who provided many seats for

      And a big hearty Calontir welcome to Elysse (I'm sorry, I'm sure I'm
      butchering the spelling--pronounced ee-lace), who just moved to the Oakheart
      area from the Outlands. This was her first Calontir event, and I'm glad she
      came by to play with us.

      I can hardly wait for the next event with an open pit! Yeah music!

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