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837Re: [CalontirDance] Address

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  • Christian M. Cepel
    Mar 2, 2007
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      No no.. I'm grateful. I found this one <kpereyra@...> but it
      failed. I think I shall be forced to take your advice. Thank you!

      For a little good news... I'm whittling down the steel wall that is my
      wife's objections to upgrading Finale (reasonable objections being we're
      ultra poor... will have to put a little bit away from every check), so
      my notations will probably look better, sound better, provide more
      output options, and most importantly, relieve a lot of those painful
      death torture sessions with Finale 2001d.

      Christian M. Cepel - Thistledowne Productions - http://thistledowne.org
      Computer Support Specialist, Sr. - University of Missouri - Columbia
      College of Education - School of Info Science & Learning Technologies
      VRCbd, KidTools & StrategyTools Support Systems Projects, and Truman,
      Library Whistlestop Project - Web Design & Programming - 573.999.2370
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