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832RE: [CalontirDance] Starting tempo for Korobushka?

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  • Bill Morris
    Feb 27, 2007
      Look, now you've pressed one of My buttons.

      If we dismiss everything which isn't well documented, then we'll have to
      toss out much of the Inns of court, the early Burgundian, and even Arbeau.
      There are so many ambiguities in the primary sources that many of our dances
      are at best wild guesses. As far as I know, none of our sources were
      intended to provide authoritative instruction to students without the aid of
      teachers and a living tradition. Even Playford has more then a few sticky
      points, and it blows away most of the other sources.

      On a more philosophical note, and just as a personal preference. I like to
      see people with Scandinavian persona's attempting to do the best
      reconstruction we can do of Scandi dancing, etc. We know that there was
      dancing during the time of the Icelandic family sagas. And we're pretty
      sure that it didn't bear much resemblance to Negri and Caroso. So if you're
      trying to avoid in-authenticity...

      Also I refuse to just give up. If we know that 12th century Bohemians
      danced at harvest festivals, then there must space in the SCA for the best
      available re-creations of 12th century Bohemian dance. Even if the best
      documentation would make a hippopotamus gag.

      Another more subtle problem we all face is that we are trying to re-create
      mostly social dance forms, not performance traditions. If, for instance, we
      are re-creating an authentic Elizabethan feast with dancing, then the period
      thing is for the dancing to be done by the populace, not by a small group
      that is specially trained and rehearsed. Hasapikos might very well be done
      at a medieval Greek wedding. But it would be done by the wedding guests,
      not by performers.

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