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829Requests anybody?

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  • Christian M. Cepel
    Feb 27, 2007
      I'm not at a loss per se, but as I'm hoping to be useful, I'll ask.

      Does anyone have anything they'd like notated cleanly and midi for
      practice exported in the manner done for Petit Vriens and Korobushka on

      Changes to some existing piece or handwrites you'd like incorporated
      into a small file-size high-qual print format?

      In Service,


      Christian M. Cepel - Thistledowne Productions - http://thistledowne.org
      Computer Support Specialist, Sr. - University of Missouri - Columbia
      College of Education - School of Info Science & Learning Technologies
      VRCbd, KidTools & StrategyTools Support Systems Projects, and Truman,
      Library Whistlestop Project - Web Design & Programming - 573.999.2370