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818Starting tempo for Korobushka?

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  • Christian M. Cepel
    Feb 26, 2007
      I haven't heard this played in a long time by a dance ensemble, so I
      can't remember where they began the tempo at and accelerated from. I
      like the way it flows at crotchet = 120, but since it accelerates, I was
      wondering if the initial tempo marking should be perhaps something like
      crotchet = 108? I'm sure the musicians can play it at nosebleed speed,
      but I've never danced to it so I've no idea what is reasonable. This is
      the last detail I need to hammer out before putting it up on the site.

      Man I soooo need a newer version of Finale. If anyone knows how to
      suppress/hide 3 of the 4 staves in a group in a system (not all systems)
      in Finale 2001d I'd love to know how... I don't believe it's possible.
      The whole thing fits well on a single page, but if I was able to lose
      those three staves on the intro line, it would give me tons of room to
      increase the size of the note elements, spacing between staves and
      spacing between systems. May have to break into the music school's
      computer lab for a quick edit.

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