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816RE: [CalontirDance] Re: I'm new to this group

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  • LuAnne Anderson
    Feb 26, 2007
      No problems there. I'm also a player of the whistle, bodhran, and (though not period)
      learning the button accordian. To me, the music (and musicians) are most critical and
      essential for the dance and I'm very interested in learning and finding resources for
      it all.

      Thank you!!

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      Hi LuAnne, and welcome to the list!

      Sorry for all the music posts lately. The musicians and dancers share this list,
      because we¹re so closely related, so you¹ll see info on both topics here.

      I¹m not sure about the Mag Mor area, but there are some people on the list from
      eastern Kansas. I¹ll hope someone closer to you than me (in St. Louis) can help you

      But there is an upcoming event that will have a lot of dancing at it. Hope you can
      make it: http://ssmc.truman.edu/ <http://ssmc.truman.edu/>


      On 2/23/07 12:16 PM, "LuAnne" <lranderson@... <mailto:lranderson%40alltel.net>
      > wrote:
      > Hello all,
      > I stumbled upon your group whilst searching for historic dance groups.
      > Please tell me, where are you dancing?? Many years ago I was apart of
      > the Barony of Mag Mor and participated in the music and dance. However
      > because of other activities that I was involved in I had to step away
      > for a time.
      > Now that my children are gone from the household and life is settling
      > down somewhat I am wanting to start once again learning, dancing, and
      > sharing with others, my passion for historic dance.
      > I hope to hear from someone soon,
      > LuAnne Anderson
      > Lincoln NE

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