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781Why I'm trying to get all this straight.

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  • Christian M. Cepel
    Feb 9, 2007
      As I work with my group, I plan to keep notating files into nice
      engraving, preferably starting with over copied/hand written/crappy, but
      of course, sometimes the priority will be the ones we're actually playing.

      Anyways. As I do each, I plan to provide:
      o The source - Finale
      o The render - Acrobat Reader
      o Midi
      - all the voices in chorus with a click/count-off
      - each voice on it's own with a click/count-off
      - possibly all the voices minus the one being practiced
      o Some historical information on the tune, lyrics, translations, etc.
      o Recordings of different settings provided they are of high enough
      quality and free of restriction.

      The goal is both very nice uniform music (like Avatar's) and practice
      aids. Having a centralized resource for share-able recorded music would
      be very beneficial as well.

      This would be similar to what I've done here:
      http://www.bcfdpipesanddrums.com/index.php?Content=Music to give you an
      idea of how I do things.

      In service,

      "Merry" Turlough Merriwhether Lutre

      Christian M. Cepel - Thistledowne Productions - http://thistledowne.org
      Computer Support Specialist, Sr. - University of Missouri - Columbia
      College of Education - School of Info Science & Learning Technologies
      VRCbd, KidTools & StrategyTools Support Systems Projects, and Truman,
      Library Whistlestop Project - Web Design & Programming - 573.999.2370
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