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772Re: [CalontirDance] Re: [CalontirBards] What's the story on Al Cafrin - How much arranging makes a new arrangement? - Sent to wrong list

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  • Carol O'Connell
    Feb 8, 2007
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      Hi! Here I am!
      Fernando e-mailed me for info for the Bards¹ list (I¹m not on that list).
      Anyway, hope the info is useful.

      The other pieces you asked about are also from Al¹s book (Early Dances). And
      thanks for taking off the website right away! The Cofrin books really are
      terrific. I use those books more than any others‹and by a long shot. I
      highly recommend them.

      I¹m not sure what the question is. Geoffrey has two nice arrangements (Ly
      Bens and Contrapasso) that we use a lot. He¹s from Dragonscale Consort, in
      the Middle. He¹s a very nice fellow, and I¹m sure he¹d give you permission
      to use his pieces if you asked him, but I don¹t think he gives a full-use
      permission on his music, either.

      Anyway, I think I missed something. What¹s the question?


      On 2/8/07 11:42 AM, "Christian M. Cepel" <christian@...> wrote:
      > Thank you. Very complete answer. So I'm partially right and partially
      > wrong. It also means that I need to get CrystalBall23 pdf off the
      > stone's music site asap. Ok. Done. Sorry to Conna and Al.
      > I'm curious about those files I mentioned that are under the name of
      > another but that stylistically look identical to the layout used by Al
      > Cafrin's music. What's the deal there.
      > Also, on the Calontir Camerata group, someone suggested I use this copy
      > instead with this comment
      > ---------------------------
      > http://members.cox.net/calonkat/Lilies2004/ has Geoffrey of Exeter's
      > transcription, which included a newly written descant line. As well as
      > some links for dance music if you want to find more, that would
      > definitely be free for distribution in the SCA.
      > ---------------------------
      > I mailed back last night the following, and I'd like to hear opinions here as
      > well.
      > ---------------------------
      > I'm having a little difficulty with the Geoffrey of Exeter
      > transcription. If the Cofrin transcription is indeed legally
      > copyrighted, then I don't think changing one note in 11th and 12th
      > measures of the second voice, and keeping every note of the other three
      > voices exactly the same would in any way be legal grounds for claiming
      > that Cofrin's copyright did not apply and that it could as you say be
      > free for distribution in the SCA. Maybe someone else knows musical
      > copyright law better than I do, but I think this is real shaky. The
      > descant line could of course copyrighted and rights extended to the SCA.
      > I very much like the descant line btw.... Stylistically would it be
      > considered a match for the period? I'm not asking because I have
      > doubts, but rather because I do not know. I had the embarrassing
      > experience of saying how much I liked Duchess Rondallynn's Pavanne (
      > Implied in that is how I thought it sounded 'medieval' ) only to be told
      > that it was a Mannheim Steamroller (or was it Allen Parson's Project)...
      > anyways, completely modern.
      > ---------------------------
      > Any opinions? I'm a little confused about the second hand thing. I
      > thought Mistress Conna was on this list?
      > Fvigil@... <mailto:Fvigil%40aol.com> wrote:
      >> >
      >> >
      >> > Conna indicates that she uses his arrangements because she thinks
      >> > they are better than the others available, and because she (and a
      >> > few other folks) have his specific permission to use them in their
      >> > music pits.
      >> >
      >> > She has permission to e-mail them privately to people who request
      >> > them from her, so that they can practice for each ball, and she
      >> > only sends them to people who tell her they will be there. But
      >> > those people do not have permission to use them for other things
      >> > without purchasing his book. (available at:
      >> > http://www.istanpitta.com/i_009.htm)
      >> >
      >> > He specifically does not make them available online. And he denied
      >> > permission for them to be used at balls when the organizer
      >> > wanted put downloadable pdfs on the web.
      >> >
      >> > Conna also notes that she makes a point of telling the musicians
      >> > in her pits that these arrangements are available in Avatar's
      >> > Early Dances book, and that they should buy one if they can.
      >> >
      >> > Hope this clarifies things,
      >> >
      >> > Fernando
      >> >
      >> >

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