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752New Calontir Instrumental Music List

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  • Christian M. Cepel
    Jan 10, 2007
      Hot on the heels of yesterday's conversation about the Dance group
      serving dual duty for Music (which personally, I prefer because the two
      seem both pretty inseparable to me and to have a lot of overlap, and
      down down down with cross-posting!!!), this came to the Standing_Stones
      shire list.

      --- Forwarded message ---
      Greetings good gentles all. As you are aware, there is now string
      music in our fair barony. As some of you probably know I have
      inquired on the Calon list as to the interest in a kingdom level
      instrumental music group. I got quite a good response to this idea.
      So, I have created a Yahoo list for anyone in the kingdom who would be
      interested in playing together at various events. The intention is to
      bring istrumental music for it's own sake to our kingdom. If you are
      interested in this idea, please join me on this list at
      Calontir_Camerata@ yahoogroups. com

      Please pass this along to other group lists you are on.

      Constance W.

      --- End forwarded message ---

      I of course must join, but I rather wished it would stay here.

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      Computer Support Specialist, Sr. - University of Missouri - Columbia
      College of Education - School of Info Science & Learning Technologies
      VRCbd, KidTools & StrategyTools Support Systems Projects, and Truman,
      Library Whistlestop Project - Web Design & Programming - 573.999.2370
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