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751Re: Finally!

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  • Carol O'Connell
    Jan 9, 2007
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      On 1/8/07 7:40 PM, "Christian M. Cepel" <christian@...> wrote:
      > <snip>
      > Couple of questions.
      > The first is, does CalontirDance serve double-duty for Music as well? I
      > think I've always seen musical discussions here, but I didn't know if
      > there was a list more specifically for vocal and non-dance instrumental.
      I¹ve always treated it as both dance and music, since we¹re a closely
      associated bunch. I don¹t think the dancers mind sharing the space, do you??
      I think it¹s good to share one list, rather than splintering off, but maybe
      that¹s just me...

      > Second is... A lot of it is copied out of copyrighted materials. Like the
      > Dance Music, I'd like to give it to folks electronically and ask them to
      > print it on their own dime <snip>
      There is a ton of music available for SCA use; no need to use copyrighted
      material and also no need for one person to be responsible for all those
      copying costs. I have known some music groups who have found some wonderful
      book and all agreed to go out and buy individual copies. But I think that¹s
      rare. Why not make use of the wonderful free stuff available?

      Check out:
      > The third is more for Mistress Conna, but anyone's welcome to field it.
      > A while back I was discussing getting this group going with you and have
      > since lost my inbox. You shared a link with me that had already done
      > much of what I had planned to do.. I.e., re-notate a lot of this messy
      > vocal music and then export to parts, both as sheets and as midi. Might
      > I trouble you for that site(s) again?
      That last site (saers.com) has a bunch of vocal stuff. Granted, they
      arranged it for recorders, but it¹s got all the words, too. And it¹s free.
      (Tons of John Dowland, for example.) I think it would work great for vocal

      And here¹s the Choral Public Domain Library:

      I would stay away from Kinkos, etc. I¹ve been really impressed with a group
      that¹s an offshoot of the St. Louis Recorder Society, called Easy Early
      Music. It¹s run by a lovely woman named Joyce; she¹s dedicated to helping
      people learn how to play the recorder. She put together a web page with
      music she finds from the free sites listed above (and maybe others, too),
      and people can go and download what they need for that month. It¹s very
      convenient. Here¹s her web site: http://easyearlymusic.org/

      Yay music!

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