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  • Christian M. Cepel
    Jan 8, 2007
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      After what I think has been well over a year of trying to get it
      together and get people interested, the Shire of the Standing Stones had
      their first music night last night!

      An open invitation was extended of course to those in Amlethmoor and
      Wyvern Cliffe, and anyone else willing to show up. There were 6 of us.
      More than I feared and less than I hoped.

      We had a chance to distribute some music from the long ago defunct
      Stones music group and to learn that not a single one of us can
      sight-sing a lick.

      I'm very excited. We hope to encompass Voice, Dance Ensemble,
      Dance, Instrumental, and Percussion, and whatever anyone else wants.


      Christian M. Cepel - Thistledowne Productions - http://thistledowne.org
      Computer Support Specialist, Sr. - University of Missouri - Columbia
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