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745Lilies War A & S

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  • hlbronwyn
    Dec 25, 2006
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      Please excuse the multiple posts for some of you.

      Greetings unto the artisans of these wonderful lands of Calontir,

      While Lilies War is still a time away…. Preparations should now be
      under way. Particularly for the artists and artisans in this kingdom.
      I am calling for A&S competitions and displays for the war.
      As many of you know we have had a change of themes for Lilies this
      For those of you who had all ready made plans with the prior theme
      please do not feel you need to change it. We will welcome any and
      all opportunities to showcase our talented artisans.
      You also do not have to design a competition or display with either
      theme in mind.
      Please contact me with your ideas and we can start scheduling things.
      Please note that competition sponsors are responsible for supplying
      judges and prizes for their competitions. If you need help or
      information about lining up judges or prizes, or if you have any
      general questions about sponsoring a competition, please contact me
      and I will be happy to help.

      In Service to Crown, Kingdom and War,

      Bronwyn ferch Arial