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741Fw: Caravan's

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  • Doug & Donna Winters
    Nov 3, 2006
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      > Hello fellow music lovers,
      > It has come to my attention that Ivory Keep has promised a ball at the
      > Caravan's event. This little "blurb" was accidentally left in the flyer
      > from last year. I know it is very last minute but I am wondering if anyone
      > would be interested in being the dance master/mistress and we could have
      > an informal/impromptu very laid back and very small ball (I think 2 sets
      > of 6 -or even 5- would be sufficient). If you are interested in helping us
      > out, let me know. If not, I will let the kingdom know that it is
      > cancelled.
      > There is one caveat, however, there must be minimal to no stress or
      > angxiety surrounding this. Our failure to plan is not your emergency. I
      > won't allow this to ruin anyone's good time. Also, I do have a handful of
      > musicians and more are always welcome whether there is a ball or not. You
      > can't have too much music at an SCA event in my opinion.
      > Sorry for the late notice,
      > ~Ailsa~
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