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736Newcomer's Symposium Oct. 28!

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  • Lisa Adams
    Aug 4, 2006
      Feel free to pass on this missive to other email lists...

      Greetings to the populace of Calontir!
      As the people of Calontir are the kingdom's lifeblood, it's time to get new members excited and teach them all there is to do in the SCA. So, I'll be needing teachers for the 3rd Annual Newcomer's Symposium in Lost Forest (Warrensburg, MO) Oct. 28. Share an art, a science, armoring, fighting, or ways to fit into the SCA! We all have wisdom to pass onto our new members, now's the time to share it. Even if you aren't new, come and learn a new area of the SCA.

      Unfortunately, this is the same weekend of Blood of Heroes in beautiful Grimfells. Calontir is a vibrant, active kingdom. Come support one of the two exciting events on Oct. 28!

      Contact me at sweet_pure_innocent@... if you are interested in teaching a class at Newcomer's Symposium.

      ~Marion Forester~
      kingdom chatelaine

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