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725Lilies A&S Competitions

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  • Cathus and Rowan
    May 25, 2006
      Please Forward this to any groups that would be interested
      Apologies to those that get this more than once

      Yes indeed there is still time! Have you recently finished a project
      to get you ready for the war? Will it fit into the themes for any of
      the A&S competitions that are being held at the war? You may well
      ask: "How am I supposed to know?" Do you have some spare time, but
      don't know what project to work on before Lilies? (OK, I'm an eternal
      optimist.) You may well say: "Why yes, Cathus, I do. Do you have any
      broad suggestions for something I could work on?"
      Well, I am very glad that you asked these questions. The A&S
      competition themes and their judging times are listed below for your
      convenience. If you need additional details, you may find them at the
      Lilies War Web site: http://calontir.sca.org/lilieswar/lilieswar.php
      Don't forget that the signup deadline for the Siege Cooking
      competition is next week! Get your team together! Online sign-up
      forms are available on the Lilies Web site.

      See y'all there in two weeks!
      - Cathus

      Sunday 11th
      Seige Cooking 9:00 AM

      Monday 12th
      Period Feast Gear 10:30 AM
      Fiber and Needle, but Not Clothing 3:00 PM
      Worst Homebrew Late Afternoon

      Wednesday 14th
      Seige Sewing signup All day

      Thursday 15th
      Voice Heraldry 9:30 AM
      Deadline for The "Big" Competition NOON
      101 Things to Do with a Dead Bird 2:00 PM

      Friday 16th
      Largesse 11:00 AM
      Deadline for Period Encampment Competition NOON
      Deadline for Heraldic Display Competition NOON
      Religion at Home and Hearth 1:00 PM
      Seige Sewing Judging 2:00 PM
      Royal Brewing 3:00 PM
      Made on Site 4:00 PM

      Saturday 17th
      Team Project 11:00 AM
      Sweets for the Sweet 1:00 PM
      Lampworking 2:00 PM
      Scroll Preprints 2:00 PM

      Time and Place to be Announced:
      Vasilla's Period Reproduction Pottery