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  • deanc@grinnell.edu
    Mar 4, 2000
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      Greetings Fellow Calontiri!

      I just subscribed to the CalontirDance mailing list and I wanted to
      take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Katherine Mercer and
      I"m currently serving as seneschal of NoMountain and also have been
      running our weekly dance practices (as well as sneaking up to Couer
      d'Ennui when I can to invade their dance practices!)

      Dance is probably the reason I got involved in the SCA at all (I was
      introduced to it as a prospective student at Grinnell almost five
      years ago), and we here at NoMountain are all very enthusiastic about
      it. But I didn't get really addicted until this summer which I spent
      in the Barony of Cynnabar (in the Midrealm) which has a really active
      community of dancers.

      I'm currently in love with 15th century Italian dance, and also
      anything new and interesting (Burgundian, Celtic, hypothetical
      dances, modern period choreography, whatever). And I'm leaning
      towards wanting to learn 16th century italian too (sigh... too little
      time!). And of course English Country (you never really get over
      your first love).

      So I'm very excited about getting to chat with other dance folk in
      Calontir. Where is everyone from, and how active are your groups?
      Is there any chance of having a proper ball in Calontir? I'd love to
      help organize something next year, but we're too far north to hold an
      event like that, I think. Is there even enough interest in Calontir
      to do that sort of thing? Probably a bit overambitious anyway!

      I'll be at Queen's prize next weekend (helping a friend perform her
      dance entry) and I'd love to chat if anyone else is planning on being

      Take Care,