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71Lilies War Dances

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  • Morgan Cain
    Feb 29, 2000
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      > A topic for discussion, do people prefer to have similar
      > dances in the same class or have classes with different
      > types of dances (all about the same complexity).

      I think it makes sense to have similar dances in one class, because people
      can use the knowledge to build their memory. For example, English Country
      Dances have verse and chorus, and the choruses always follow a certain
      pattern. Teach this to the students and you can get in a half-dozen or so
      dances, because they have already learned half of it. Start with very easy
      ones (short verse and chorus, minimal steps) and work up to harder ones,
      emphasizing how they still retain the verse-chorus patterns under all the

      ---= Morgan