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706Re: [CalontirDance] Dance List

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  • Rowan
    Mar 16, 2006
      > I am supposed to be leading some dance classes in April. I have
      > plenty of material, however I would like to ask which beginner-level
      > dances are most common in Calontir these days.
      > Mableth. (Shadowdale)

      Is this at your group or at the Dance, Heraldic and Scribe event April 8th
      in Bellewood?

      I would suggest you start with ECD and brawls - they seem to be the easiest
      and yet not boring for new dancers
      Pavans and Almans are easy but often boring. Most Italians are a little
      advanced but there a few good for starting dancers.

      Try these first for a good beginers selection (I don't guarentee speling)
      Petiet Riens
      Jenny Pluck Pears
      Rufty Tufty
      Horses Brawl
      Calontir Brawl (SCA creation)
      Carolingia Pavan / Belle Qui Pavan
      Black Alman

      - Rowan
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