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704Heraldic Scribal and Dance Symposium, Year 2

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  • Chris Lewis
    Mar 15, 2006
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      Are you a Herald? Do you have any desire to learn about Heraldry?
      Do you yern to use your voice for other than talking to your friends
      or entertainment value? Do you like learning - sometimes - bizarre
      and obscure rules and sharing that information with others? Do you
      like to research names, and document their times? Do you like being
      up in Court and making sure your voice is heard above all others?

      do you enjoy to do Calligraphy? Is Illumination up your alley? Do
      you enjoy studying ancient texts and Books of Hours, and sharing
      techniques on how to recreate them? Do you just want to learn how
      to do preprints in order to help the Kingdom?

      Do you want to learn what a Buffen is? Do you yearn to dance, and
      prance, and bounce, and otherwise frollic for an entire day? Do you
      have that one special dance that you would like to share with others?

      Then we have the event for you.

      This is the second year Bellewode is holding the Heraldic, Scribal,
      and Dance Symposium. The information for the event is linked to the
      group's website at http://ssmc.truman.edu

      Do you have a desire to teach anything relating to Heraldry? There
      have been a few more class additions on top of what's on the list.
      However we need more teachers. We have an entire building of
      classrooms for this event and are woefully short on teachers. We
      strive to have the website updated by early this next week with all
      current classes on it. And we plan to email the lists with the
      current class information as well.

      But we need teachers. Anyone who wants to teach anything tied to
      Heraldic activity, or Scribal Activity, or Dance Activity should
      email their offers to teach to bellwode_herald@... or

      The date for the Symposium is April 8th. The place is the College
      of Bellewode - Kirksville, MO on the Truman State University
      campus. All details on the event can be found in your MEWS, or on
      the event website (again http://ssmc.truman.edu ).

      Please come teach, come dance, come learn, come play.

      In Service,

      This message has been brought to you by the Herald for the College
      of Bellewode.
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