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70RE: Dance classes at Lilies

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  • Sauer, Michael F.
    Feb 28, 2000
      Hi all

      Due to the lead time, now is the time to start thinking
      about dance (RUSH) classes at lilies. If things go well
      we should have the grand pavilion for 4 hours per day.

      10-12 Noon and 1 -3 PM Mon-Thur. If anyone really wants
      to teach dance outside of this get with me (OR HE Shajar)
      real soon. RUSH will be open on the first sunday, do we
      want to have classes then?

      Note on Tue and Thur war battles will begin at 11 AM.
      The ball is on Thurs.

      I would like to get a collection of dance teachers from
      all over the Kingdom (and even beyond). The only thing
      I would really like to see is that all the dances on the
      ball list get taught sometime during the week.
      (I'm just talking the ball proper, not the request list).
      See the link below for the list:


      If we have musicians willing to play for some (or all?)
      of the classes that would be great.

      A topic for discussion, do people prefer to have similar
      dances in the same class or have classes with different
      types of dances (all about the same complexity).

      Please forward this message to any dance teachers who
      are not on this list.

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