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69RE: Dance classes at RUSH in Oakheart

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  • Sauer, Michael F.
    Feb 24, 2000
      > I've signed up to teach dance all day at RUSH in Oakheart.
      > The morning
      > will be intro to dance and afternoon will be Lilies ball
      > dances. Anybody
      > who wants to spell me (especially in the afternoon for the
      > dances I don't
      > know) is welcome to email me. I mainly wanted to reserve the room for
      > dancing and get the classes on the schedule. Not that I
      > can't talk about
      > dance for 6 hours, but there are a lot of dances that I know the music
      > better than the steps :-)


      I'll be there. I'm glad things got on the list. Tammar was trying to
      get a hold of me, but I was away at Estrella. Now that I'm back, she's
      away and won't be back till tuesday - after the mews deadline.

      which of the ball dances do you know the music - maybe we could start
      with these.

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