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666Website with lots of well engraved music.

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  • Christian M. Cepel
    Nov 3 2:29 PM
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      I expect folks already know of this, but if not, it seems a treasure
      trove to me. Looks to be notated in Finale to me.


      This leads me to a question I've been having for a while. Why has such
      a wonderful (if overly requested) tune such as Hole in the Wall been
      ostracized so horribly, when other tunes from the same Playford Dances
      and Ballads ~ 1651 are fair game... I.e., Heart's Ease, Black nag, Jenny
      Pluck Pears, Nonesuch, Parson's Farewell (I think), Gathering Peascods
      (I think), Rufty Tufty, Sellenger's Round, Trenchmore to name all the
      ones I recognize from that list.

      Is it because there are earlier sources for all these works other than
      Hole in the Wall, than the 1651 Playford?

      I don't understand.

      I also don't understand why Scotland the Brave, a slightly campy tune
      from 1891-5 is still hugged close while Hole in the Wall is beaten off
      with a stick and the dogs are set on it.

      Thanks for any elucidation!


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