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66Re: Ball-competitions

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  • Carol O'Connell
    Jan 11, 2000
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      Could be interesting...

      I'm not sure if anyone would bother, though. For Crystal Ball this year, the
      A&S competition was to create a dance to match a song that I picked for the
      occasion. We made tapes ahead of time so people had plenty of time to come up
      with a dance. No one did. I was disappointed.

      What are some other ideas that would draw people in sort of last minute.
      Wasn't there a competition a year or so ago about spiffiest garb present at
      the ball? Maybe another one could be the dancing couple that most entertains
      the musicians (or am I biased?).

      Conrad, wasn't there some sort of competition at Gulf Wars last year? I can't
      remember what it was now.


      Katriana wrote:
      > From: Katriana <katriana@...>
      > Hi there,
      > Got a message from Genevieve, who's running A&S at Lilies this year.
      > >I am in the process of planning the Arts and Science Activities for the
      > Lillies War. I was >wondering if you are interested in having any A & S
      > competitions connected or related >to the ball this year??
      > Well, I'm not real big on competitions, but I know other people are. What
      > do you all think?
      > katriana
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