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608Need help for Standing Stones Music

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  • bramblethorne
    Jun 29, 2005
      Greetings all. It's been a fair bit since I've posted here.

      I'm wondering if I could enlist some kind soul's aid in giving me some

      I've made a go at finding others in shire who might be interested in
      trying to meet once a week to do things of a musical nature... Drums,
      recorders, madrigals, what have you.... all of course to promote
      things musical, but in my own mind also to try to form a solid dance

      Last weeks get together was a roaring success with myself and my wife,
      but this week we hope to double that and each week hereafter until the
      entire shire is a fair hand at any instrument put before them.

      Unfortunately, until someone with more knowledge and skill stands up,
      it's up to me to give direction to the group.

      I've got quite a notebook full of music garnered from time when the
      shire did have an active music group...

      I've got the Dance book from War of the Lilies XIV Ball, and the
      instrumental and vocal music of what was once called the Columbine
      Consort (Dated 08/21/97)... All in all a good deal of music.

      If we have more folks show up who are willing to pick up recorders I
      think I'm going to try hand out copies of:
      1. Hole in the Wall
      2. Jenny Plucks Pears
      3. Black Nag
      and finally a set of four gavottes by a Franc. Caroubel named 3.
      Gavotte, 4. Gavotte, 5. Gavotte, and 6. Gavotte.

      A fair bit to bite off I shouldn't wonder, but I'm hoping pieces to
      catch and hold folks interest.

      Here's where my ignorance and poor memory come into play. I've
      questions about all these... specifically, which instruments and
      voicings should be assigned to the different lines and which clues of
      cleft, number of lines, and instrument voicing range may be used in
      future to make these determinations.

      Currently I've got a Tenor, Two Altos, and a fistful of Sopranos to
      lend around for the group to play.... Unfortunately, I've no Bass.
      Can someone give me a list of possible instruments that may be used
      for dance and chamber ensemble? Some of the music I have (some of it
      from the Lilies XIV Ball) shows parts for Flute and Clarinets. My
      wife would just as soon play her clarinet as one of my recorders.

      I'd love to know that there are more than just woodwinds welcome in a
      dance ensemble, but haven't the time to research things. I've met one
      gent who claims a bouzouoki to be period (though I know for a fact,
      not the Irish version he was playing *grin* ... though I care not...
      I'd love one to play if I could get away with it.). Though not a
      gourd/pear backed instrument as might be period, I'd very much like to
      play my flat backed mandolin which is more of a cross between those
      greek and such instruments and your modern bluegrass monroe style
      mandolin. I'd also like to play my fiddle and or classical guitar...
      So... any helps in this area is very much appreciated. I know one
      issue of the time was that volume of stringed instruments wasn't such
      as to be heard well in dance ensembles, but that's about all I've been

      Finally, I'd like help with those four Gavottes I mentioned. I've
      loved them for years and was very pleased to hear them performed by
      the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet when they were here a few years back.
      What I'd like help with is that they don't begin at 4 and don't end at
      6.... these are part of a larger set... the first three I know to be
      Courante(s) as the last bit of the third is at the top of the page of
      Gavottes. Numbers 11 and 12 I also have, which are Volte(s) and
      attributed to M. P. C., as the author or arranger, I know not. I
      should very much like to have the whole thing from # 1 to however many
      #s there are.... I assume that someone felt the other pieces weren't
      worth playing, but I'd like to play them and judge for myself. If
      anyone has these to offer, I'd be very much grateful for them.

      Anyways... those are my questions. I'm sure I'll have more, and I
      welcome any advice anybody might feel free to offer.

      I'm really hoping that more knowledgable people in shire come out of
      the woodwork and I find myself replaced by my betters in short order.
      I guess most of all I'm hoping that music get going again in shire
      and that I be able and allowed to participate and enjoy things. I'm a
      musical hack, but I sure do enjoy hacking away at it.

      Oh... I guess I have one final question... Do my Great Highland Pipes
      or Uilleann Pipes (and hopefully one day in the next eon soon,
      Scottish Smallpipes) have any place in the SCA?

      //Christian M. Cepel er. Philippe Sebastian LeLutre
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