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575Re: Ball Plannin

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  • Tsire Tuzevo
    Mar 28, 2005
      Conna - This is a strong and valid point - The lack of available live music
      is the main downfall I can think of for this plan. However - I'm sure we can
      put together what is being taught and add to that what we usually like to do
      ( see lilies ball lists from years past, pennsic pile, and well ... anything
      Seonaid and I have begged you to play lately) That might work.

      The class schedule lists only classes - not the dances being taught - but
      I think I may be able to put a rough list together later today from what's
      been out on this list. The class list lacks some dance types such as almans,
      bransles, pavannes, greesley, and many SCA pop-faves. One of the points I
      intend to raise during the planning discussion is that of balance - so just
      going with what is taught that day could pose a problem there. This is my
      reasoning for including past Lilies Ball lists or a recent pennsic pile.

      I know it's shameful but I could also provide recorded music if there is
      something that we're just dying to have on the ball that you all dont have
      or just dont like to play. I ALWAYS prefer live music to recorded tracks
      but, if we have to, we can supplement with the recorded resources.

      Lots of thoughts on this - I'll try not to go too far out of the box and
      would be giddy with delight if the musicisan woudl attend the ball planning
      dicsussion. Live music coordinating and the view point of the musician are
      badly in need of representation here. With the musicians or a
      representative there we could make use to keep our ball within the set of
      music there that day. Whaddyathink??

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