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566Liles War Call for Dance Instructors

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  • Tsire Tuzevo
    Mar 21, 2005
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      Alright folks its that time of year again! Time to set the Lilies Class
      List. That means a call for teachers and by teacher - I mean YOU! I know
      we're all raggety from Gulf Wars and trying to wrangle the Bellwode
      symposium but hey it's gotta happen.

      Conrad has asked that all the dances on the ball be taught so take a look at
      that list and I'll give precedence in the schedule to teachers willing to
      teach these dances.

      I need to fill 5 - 1 hour slots M-Sat We'll start at 10am and end at 4pm
      with no classes from 12-1pm each day. 2 hour classes are welcome, series
      classes are welcome, discussion classes are welcome - shoot me an idea and
      I'll see what I can do.
      I will need ECD (Beg, Int, & Adv) 15thc. Ital (Beg Int Adv) 16th c. Ital
      (Beg, Int, Adv) Bransles, Almans, Pavannes, Mish Mash, All kinds of stuff -
      bring it on!

      E-mail me at Tsire@... with your contact info and what you'd like to
      teach or talk to me at the symposium. I'll try to have a prelinminary list
      up by 4/15/05.

      Please forward this call for teachers to any appropriate persons or lists.
      Thank you kindly.

      HL Tsire