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559Re: Dances that I think are fun

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  • pretzelbear@sbcglobal.net
    Mar 10, 2005
      I forgot about Picking of Sticks and Rufty Tufty. Very very fun.

      Sounds like an all around good class. I havn't heard of the others
      but I know you don't reccomend non-fun dances :)


      --- In CalontirDance@yahoogroups.com, "Tsire Tuzevo" <tsire@h...>
      > Wahoo a create a class session - this is fun!
      > 1) Heralds in Love is being taught in the Not Period but Dang Fun
      > 2) I'll incorporate Hearts Ease and Rufty Tufty
      > 3) I dont teach Posties since it's grossly out of period - I'll ask
      > could throw it into the NPBDF class for you though.
      > Hmm - bouncy eh? Ever liked Gracca Amorosa? How about Whirlygig?
      > Picking of Sticks? My Lady Cullen?
      > Also on the not period but fun track - I bet you'd totally dig
      Argus Reel as
      > well as Dashing White Seargeant. The NPbDF class used to be mine
      but I've
      > passed it off to Isabeau (less my area of interest now and much
      more up her
      > alley) :)
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