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549Re: Symposium Classes - Preliminary Schedule

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  • rowan@french.toast.net
    Mar 8, 2005
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      Ok, so far on the requested ball list we have:
      Belle Qui
      montard branles
      contrapasso in duo
      rosti boli
      petite riens

      Um...perhaps some other/more ECs would be good ;)
      And at least one from the not period but damn fun
      -"how to make a ball list" - 1) ask musicians and dancers what they
      really have to have in a ball, 2) pare the list down to 6 sets of
      10... ;)

      > Yay! Petite Riens and Amoroso! We love to play those two. Can we
      add those
      > two, please? And actually, we don't mind Newcastle, either. :)
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