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527Meeting at Coronation

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  • Chris Lewis
    Feb 28, 2005
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      I would _love_ to have a meeting at Coronation about the upcoming symposium.

      I will have with my the number of classrooms I have as well as the already
      announced class information.

      I don't know what time people will have free, so I can't state a time, but
      perhaps people might know and suggest times.

      The following people I would definitely like to meet with are:

      Tsire, Conna, Seonid, and Marion Forrester. I don't know if Marion is on
      this list yet, and if not I will suggest it to her soon. The other three if
      we can come up with a time, and perhaps even announce it so others who want
      to be part of the meeting can show up, it'd be a wonderful thing.

      I hope to have Leonetta with me as well and would love to help get some
      things organized in advance.

      Thank you all so much.


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