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506A reminder - Bellewode's Symposium

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  • pretzelbear@sbcglobal.net
    Dec 6, 2004
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      So far the email list bellewode-heralds has gotten about half a dozen
      class offers. bellewode-dance has gotten around 2 responses. I will
      be replying to those to confirm to the senders that they are on my
      list for teaching a class.

      A reminder and a call to all:

      The event is april 2, 2004. It will be a Heraldic and Scribal
      Symposium, as well as a Dance Symposium and Ball (it will be a
      changeling ball).

      We do have some crash space available as well.

      The email addresses for those interested in teaching -

      Know someone from out of kingdom that would like to teach here? Send
      this to them. On another kingdom's list, send this to them.

      I would like to have a dozen and a half or two dozen classes by the
      time this event happens. We will have plenty of classroom space.

      Thanks again.

      -Roberto Carlos Dominguez
      -Lionetta de Navarre
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