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504ready to learn

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  • Malina
    Oct 25, 2004
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      I have been watching this list for a while now. But am just now
      posting. I met a couple of people on this list last weekend at BOH.
      I am so excited. I have been looking for people to guide me in
      learning these dances. I have so much fun dancing at events.

      Here is just a little about myself. I am part of Grimfells. (Hi
      Pavel, I know you're on this list:P) I also am learning to brew.
      Woohoo, what a combination mead and dancing.
      Any tips on how to start??
      The dance terminology is a going to take some studying.
      And where is a good place to get music on a cd? I figure I need to
      practice at home when I am not at evetns.

      Sorry to be so long winded, but I am excited and ready to learn.
      Malina Kennerty