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496Dance Symposium?

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  • pretzelbear@sbcglobal.net
    Sep 23, 2004
      Would anyone on this list be interested in a bit of news from the
      College of Bellewode.

      As I have recently moved up here, in my role of advising the group, I
      have tossed an event idea before them.

      We are going to host a dual Symposium this spring. There will be a
      Heraldic and Scribal Symposium as part of the event, but the other
      part will be a Dance Symposium for Calontir. We also are planning on
      getting a ballroom for the evening to host a Ball.

      I have a few people already contacting people from other Kingdoms to
      come and we don't even have the date set yet. If you would be
      interested in either teaching or just dancing (music or dance both -
      and any kind of either really), then pipe up and let me know. I will
      have the Dance coordinator get in touch with you and she will hammer
      out the details on how many classrooms we will need. However since
      it's a Saturday at Truman State we pretty much are guaranteed as many
      classrooms as we wish for our use.

      I will get more information out as soon as more develops. I should
      have the date ironed out within the week.


      -Roberto Carlos Dominguez
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