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485BOH Dancing.

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  • Paul Byers
    Sep 21, 2004
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      Well, Grim-Music is about ready to play for any dancers at BOH. (Oct
      23) We have been practicing since spring and sound ok, considering that I
      am the only one who has ever been to a SCA dance. (there were 11 of us at
      last practice.)

      Here is the music we will be playing:

      Rose in the Heather
      Petit Riens
      Ly Bens Distonys
      Heralds in Love
      Rufty Tufty
      Gathering Peascods
      Black Almayn
      And ending with the four jigs (Oyster Girls, Lark in the Morning, Two and
      Sixpenny Girl, and Irish Washer Woman) all done as one continuous piece.

      The first one is a jig and the last one is a jig. We play them just cause
      they are soooo much fun! I will get the musicians together about 10am to
      practice with the players of Three Rivers, and hopefully other folks, so my
      folks can see how to play these pieces for dancers. Would anyone be
      willing to be dance master for teaching at this time? I was planning on
      doing the "ball" around 2pm, this allows us who are going to get clubbed
      to the ground to get it out of our systems and is about then is when some
      of the fighters will start puking in their helms and maybe want to do
      something non-violent. :)

      I have reserved the fireplace and a chunk of floor in front of it in case
      the weather is bad. I will have water and snacks for dancers and
      players. Also if weather is bad Grimfells will supply free hot
      drinks, coffee, tea, coco.

      Anyone coming to Grimfells early should stop by my place and we can dink
      around with the music. :) Just let me know you are coming.

      Anyone who wants to play please feel free to join in. We will have spare
      noise makers and just remember you can't play worst than me! And I will sit
      out front to take the first charge of the angry crowd. :)


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