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481RE: [CalontirDance] Reilgious music and dance

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  • Fuller, Neathery
    Sep 2, 2004
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      You know, in my music research I am beginning to suspect that the music
      development actually worked the other way around. In the beginning, Church
      music started off as very serious, highly scary. ( Really interesting series
      of lectures on Religiosity in the Middle ages at Pennsic, but I digress).
      The illusion I like is the church singing. No variations on the tune, it
      has to be the same. That is why the Christian church had such a push to
      codify the music.. leading to the need to figure out how to record the
      sounds some how. (Written music, if you think about it is just a way to
      help you remember how a tune you already know goes. Be sure to catch my
      discussion of music theory at the October 30 Rush in Rolla- Crass commercial

      Then, as time passes, things lighten up and "popular" music began to work
      its way into the church music. So, I suspect that the Cantigas that we all
      love so much are a reflection of well loved songs that got canonized into
      the a religious form.

      A modern example, (sorry it is the teacher coming out in me!) might be the
      fun drinking song that has now changed into our very serious, National Pride
      inspiring Star Spangled Banner. Do we sing it and immediately want a pint,
      maybe... but I bet the people who sang it when it was first introduced had
      to smile a bit!

      Love Neathery of Safita
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