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461RE: [CalontirDance] Wha's up?

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  • Tsire Tuzevo
    Aug 29, 2004
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      Hey all

      Rock on Rove on!

      Ly Bens Dystonis is easy as all get out to teach even lass than sober
      (accidentally proved that in Meridies last year0 OOPS!) and I think I put a
      my faves in all categories list up a little while ago. If you want my hit
      parade look at Lilies ball from the last three or four years. Thats a set
      list of my faves, plus kingdom faves, plus easy to do, plus newer evil that
      I want to bring to the popular consciosness. Bwa haha!
      I'd try to tach about anything in any conditions but would concded that heys
      and serious skipping can be tough on wet grass in the dark. Then again -
      -its dark so who cares if you fall over right?

      This is sucha cool thing - I cant wait till it's just 'what is done' for
      there to be roving dance at any sufficient sized gathering of Calontiri.

      Tsire -delirious for dance debacles -Tuzevo

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