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445Instrument cases

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  • Paul Byers
    Jul 2, 2004
      Had to share.

      When I bought my Gadulka from a woman in Bulgaria I asked her if it had a
      case. It didn't but she had a friend who would make me one for
      $15. Heck, $15 is cheap enough so I asked her to have him do it. The
      case fit the instrument beautify. I got a Hammered Dulcimer at a fabulous
      price this last spring. But once more needed a case for a windfall
      toy. After pricing cases for non-standard sized dulcimers on line, the
      best price I found was $180+S/H. Eek!

      So I wrote back to the woman in Bulgaria and asked her if her friend would
      consider making a case for an instrument he had never seen. She wrote back
      and said he would think about it if he had exact measurements. I got him
      a series of photos and the exact measurements in English and
      Metric, including weight. He said he could make one for $40-45 for that
      big of an instrument, plus $15 for S/H, Sevdalina added.

      I sent the Sevdalina, who was acting as a broker for the case maker, $60
      with out delay. (I just went ahead and paid the upper price he asked as it
      was so inexpensive.) Cost me $20 to send the $$ Western Union but she had
      it within hours of me closing the deal. So the $180+S/H case cost me $80
      total! And it is very rugged and fits beautifully! He made it in 4 days
      and the shipping took 8, It came registered mail in some of the best
      packing I have ever seen. (Lots of Bulgarian movie posters. She must work
      for a movie theatre.)

      If any of you need a vinyl case for an instrument, he does good work and I
      would be willing to give you Sevdalina's email. Only real hurdle is that
      she wants the payment by Western Union. WU takes care of exchange rates
      and she can pick it up at corner, so I can understand. You can even tell
      her I sent you. :)

      very happy with his custom case