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  • Catherine Dean
    May 21, 2004
      Just a quick note from a former Calontiri who misses Lilies dancing greatly!

      There are actually two dances circulating in the SCA that are known as Il Piantone.

      I have freely distributable sheet music for Il Piantone (the partner switching dance structured like ballo del fiore in which men select a partner, they dance for a bit, they separate, and the woman selects a new partner. It was produced by Susan De Guardiola (Alejandra de Miera).

      If you're looking for music for the other dance that is sometimes known as Il Piantone (the pinwheel dance where women join hands in the center and walk in a wheel while the men walk on the outsides, switching parners as a caller gives directions like "two forward" or "one back"), it is part of a larger dance called La Caccia de Amore, for which there is lovely music. I don't have sheet music I can share, but I'm sure it's floating around the SCA somewhere.

      Katherine Mercer
      (now of Atlantia, but forever Calontiri at heart)

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      > Katriana,
      > Thanks for helping. please coordinate with Conna on music since she
      has been
      > kind enought o complie a full set of music.

      The versions should be the same as the ones Conna had, plus the tunes
      she didn't. Il Piantone is the only one without a definite tune,
      Conna is hoping to have time before Lilies to pick music that she
      likes :-) I added Calontir Branle and Clog Branle because Luciana
      said she had talked with Marcella about the children doing them one


      If someone could make sure all the links work please, I would
      appreciate it.


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