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40RE: Coronation Ball

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  • Sauer, Michael F.
    Aug 25, 1999
      >Well, it seems that I've been put in charge of the ball at Coronation.
      >Mainly because I'm in a neighboring shire. If it wouldn't be too much
      >trouble, could I request help from others?

      >What dances should be on the list? I would like to get some of the Italian
      >dances on, Petit Reins should be easy enough, and maybe Amoroso? or
      >Rostiboli? Which branles? Since Pavel should be there, Maanschaft is a
      >must :)

      >BTW, what other musicians will be there? Otherwise I need taped music too.
      > Tapes are one thing I've never spent money on :)

      Well, this just made a tough decision much easier for me.

      I was actually considering going to a ball in Atlantia (in the
      Barony where I used to live) that weekend. But if I can dance in
      Calontir, why leave.


      Petit Riense, definately. Amoroso is easier that Rostiboli.
      Gelosia is actually pretty easy too - I think mostly because
      is has 3 couples in a line and a pattern, almost like ECD.
      Also I just learned Salterlo la Regina and its real easy (and
      the name seems right for a coronation).

      Chorus D fwd S out S in D back

      S fwd S fwd


      S fwd S fwd


      Men S turn S turn
      Women S turn S turn


      Women S turn S turn
      Men S turn S turn


      Men solo aroun Women 4 S


      Women solo aroun Men 4 S


      Join both hands and 6 S to turn twice right


      Join both hands and 6 S to turn twice left

      Music is probably boring though the verses are different lengths.


      Easy bransle suits (I'll have to dig out my Pennsic cheat sheet).

      forget double, singe gay and bergundian (too boring)

      charlote, war, scottish

      pease, washerwomans

      horses, offical ?


      that pinwheel thing - I even found it online.
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