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38RE: Pennsic

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  • Sauer, Michael F.
    Aug 6, 1999
      >You're welcome to crash space, too.

      Thanks, you also happen to have a very convient
      location for a going to pennsic stop-over,
      Unlike Erich and Elasait down in south central STL.
      I'm not sure at the current time, is Monday too late
      to let you know for sure?

      >(I can't remember when Erich & Elasait are leaving.)
      Somewhere about that time, maybe a day earlier.

      >Does the 2 hours make that much difference to the trip?
      No, not normally. But I may want to stop at some stores
      in the STL area on tuesday night, then get a real early
      start (6 AM latest) on Wed morning. Avoids the driving
      all night problem and taking 2+ days to catch up on sleep.

      >This will be my first Pennsic, so I'm excited, but nervous, too.

      It'll be amazing.

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