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374RE: [CalontirDance] Lilies War Ball 2004

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  • Sauer, Michael F.
    Nov 11 8:14 AM

      Sorry all I thought about this so much I thought I had already sent a reply.

      To some level this job is what you want to make of it.
      The things that need to be done is to accept whatever input you
      feel is necessary and produce a "Ball List". Then provide
      the choreography for the dances (especially if different from
      the "standard"), make available to the masses (PDF files on the web
      is my suggestion with a few printed copies to take to events). Arrange
      with 1 or more musicians that the music for all dances is covered. How
      closely the dance person works with the musicians is up to them, some
      people have arranged for a musician leader and left it in their hands,
      others have interacted with the group as a whole.

      Support stuff - get the ball on the schedule,
      arrange for lighting, arrange for refreshments (optional but mostly expected now).
      arrange to get dances taught during RUSH classes at Lilies.
      The person running the ball should not be responsible for teaching all of the
      classes - we have enough teachers now not to overload any one person - but
      should probably expect to teach 1 or 2 ball review sessions and 1 or 2 other

      The battles will be during the day again this year - which will limit the
      commitment of any who need to be on the field at those times.
      We might also want to think about early evening classes, 5 PM on a day or two.

      In the past the ball person has usually ended up being the master class scheduler
      for dance, mostly because they were the "visible person who knew what needed to be
      taught", but they don't have to be the same person. Again we have more people
      now so we might not need to put the whole thing on one set of shoulders any more.

      Lastly we in some ways might want to likewise separate off the position of
      host or default caller from the planner, not everyone who could plan a good ball,
      can or likes to run the show the night of - though if they want to this is fine.
      This has started to happen a little as a few people have played rotating caller
      at the ball and the whole host thing is very informal anyway.

      anybody else have thoughts on any of this?


      Having never done such a thing before, what are we talking about? Finding the music? Setting the ball list? Teaching the RUSH classes?
      Can you send me more info please?

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