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360I am looking for the sheet music to several dances--please help. Thank you, Lady Barbara, al-Barran, Outlands

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  • Barbara Krege
    Aug 19, 2003
      I am looking for the (sheet music) to the following dances:

      1) Well Hall (it is a waltz tune for the dance Well Hall)
      2) Maltese Bransle (Companions of St. Cecilia)
      3) Angus Reel (Haste to the Wedding )
      4) We use Woodicock for Werligig (Woodicock)
      5) Trenchmore (I would like to find the music, Red House Reel )
      6) Upon a Summer's Day
      7) Black Nag

      Also, there is a dance we got from Caerthe (Denver, Colorado)
      titled Espanoylet (I don't know the name of the music used)
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