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353RE: [CalontirDance] dance reconstruction criteria

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  • Sauer, Michael F.
    Jul 22, 2003
      >In music performance, it's easier to score more points with a more complex
      >piece. But you can receive extra points on a simple piece if it's ornamented
      >in a period style.


      I think the key word here is performance vs. reconstruction.
      I think dance reconstruction is more similar to music transcription.

      How would embellishments be handled when transcribing music?

      In dance performance adding appropriate ornamentation would
      definitely increase the complexity of something.

      I'm not sure if we want to go there for reconstruction. IMO the definition
      of ornamentation is "something extra to do that the dance master doesn't
      bother to write down when and where to do it" - so adding ornamentations
      while fine for the performance (which isn't judged directly for a reconstruction)
      would not necessarily make the reconstruction harder.

      In many ways the performance is just so people can see how things work, the actual result
      is how to do a dance not the dance itself.


      Conrad wrote:

      > Should a reconstruction of the most complex bransle be equal to the most
      > complex English Country Dance?
      > If yes will that allow people to score well using potentially easier dances?
      > If no would that hurt people who mostly study one era/local because the like
      > it, gasp, its their persona's?
      > Something has been done in this regard with costuming where theres an early,
      > middle and late period category.
      > Therefore a properly made norese dress can compete with a tudor dress.
      > So please discus this point :)

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