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347RE: [CalontirDance] dance reconstruction criteria

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  • Sauer, Michael F.
    Jul 21, 2003
      >My one question about the complexity issue: If the group that is doing the recreation tries to do any Court dances, many of >those are very simplistic in dance steps and allow little to no variation from the original.

      OK this is a question that has been brought up in some of the private feedback I have gotten.

      The generic criteria for complexit is "- Rank the ambition of the entry, NOT the workmanship"

      Can/should this be judged according the the generic complex dance of that type or
      is there an "absolute" scale over all dance in period?

      Should a reconstruction of the most complex bransle be equal to the most complex English Country Dance?
      If yes will that allow people to score well using potentially easier dances?
      If no would that hurt people who mostly study one era/local because the like it, gasp, its their persona's?

      Something has been done in this regard with costuming where theres an early, middle and late period category.
      Therefore a properly made norese dress can compete with a tudor dress.

      So please discus this point :)

      >Are they any ways to judge against the authenticity to determine if the complexity factor should be taken into account?

      I'm not sure how this would effect/be effected by Authenticity. In reconstruction you don't want to "make up"
      anything unless you have to. Some sources for all eras/places have omissions or seemingly contradictory
      instructions - working around those successfully can lead to increased complexity, but you should never loose
      points (or fail to gain them) if you don't need to alter anything.

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