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325Lilies Dance and what's next

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  • Sauer, Michael F.
    Jul 8, 2003
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      Well I hope everyone had a great time dancing at Lilies,
      I know I did. Thanks to Tsire and Katriana for running everything
      and all the other musicians who played and dancers that danced.

      The pickup dancing on monday night outside Fernando's camp was great,
      as were the Shattered Crystal night and of course the ball itself.

      Sadly with this years battle schedule I only got to one day of classes,
      so how did they go?

      Any way to improve things, classes, balls pickup dancing (ways to make it happen?)

      Don't forget Katrianna's vigil and laurel ceremony at Kingdom A&S. I know there
      will be some musicians playing for her, maybe we can get some dancing in -
      not sure about the site layout or schedule. I will be very busy, so if someone
      should see an opportunity and make it happen that would be great.

      Next is Pennsic, the best dancing event in the known world, 8+ days of dancing
      some of it on a bouncy wooden floor - makes doing all the skippy Italian stuff
      so much more fun. And this year I gather there's a grand ball of the last Friday,
      thanks to moving up of all the courts and canceling of grand court. Yea!

      I'll probably get to dance at Bonfield too again, but I don't expect to
      see many of you there, but dancing at Valor is good too.

      There will be some type of dancing at the Stones Byzantine event, though it
      won't quite fit with the theme. Last year we even had some impromptu dancing
      before things got started in large part because of some enthusiastic dancers and
      1 musician from Bellwoode.

      There may also be a regional dance practice somewhere in SW Missouri this fall.

      Lastly on my schedule is Crystal Ball in November just across the river in the Midrealm.
      They moved it so it wouldn't conflict with our Crown Tournament, but will probably
      be on the same day as Calon Con - hopefully calon con will be in the vicinity so
      those with commitments could do both.

      If any else knows of events with dancing planer or wants to have dance please post
      stuff to this list. One thing I think we need to do more of is talk up dancing activities
      here and elsewhere.

      hope everyone has a great summer

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