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  • Tsire Tuzevo
    May 10, 2003
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      Greetings Dancers,

      The Lillies class list should be available online very soon. I am still
      looking for teachers to teach intro and intermediate level classes as well
      as ball reviews. New techers are encouraged to give teaching a try!
      Expeienced teachers, please consider team teachig with a newer teacher.
      Lets work together to make this a fun exerience for everyone. Please reveiw
      the following list of class openings and e-mail me to let me know what you
      would be willing to do. Time is of the essence in this matter, please
      respond quickly. Thanks so much.


      1st Saturday - Intro English
      1st Saturday -Inter English
      2nd Saturday -Intro English(Second Session)
      2nd Saturday -Inter English(Second Session)

      Sunday - Intro 15 C Ital
      Friday - Intro 15c Ital(Second Session)
      Sunday - Inter 15c. Ital
      Friday - Inter 15c. Ital (Second Session)

      Ball review (4 sessions - Sunday, Monday Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)

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