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32RE: Contact needed

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  • Sauer, Michael F.
    Jul 28, 1999
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      Greetings Lady Beatrice

      >I'll be moving to Columbia, MO in August, and I was looking for dance/SCA
      contacts in that >area.

      That would be me, Conrad Martin von Kassel. Of course I'll be at pennsic for
      some of august.
      We have a dance practice scheduled for Oct 3rd (monday night). There are
      some new people
      here who are interested so its possile we'll have some informal practices
      before then.

      >Lady Beatrice Sidney
      >Inc. Shire of Evensong Forest
      >Kingdom of Meridies

      I have no idea where that is, by any chance were you at the Dance, Dance,
      Dance event
      in Rising Stone/Glen Fadden(?)

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