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318Re: [CalontirDance] Lillies Ball Set List

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  • Tsire Tuzevo
    Apr 20, 2003
      Hi again all - -in response to Katriana's latest clarification questions,
      steps layout follow each dance:

      2.2 Basso Lauro - -If 2x through is once through the music - -then that's
      what we'll do. :)

      Singles L&R; Doubles L&R; Reverance L
      Reprises L&R; Singles L&R; Double L;
      Reprise R; Continenze L&R
      [R hands], Singles L&R; Double L;
      [L hands] Singles R&L; Double R
      Reprises L&R; Singles L&R;Doubles LR L;
      Volta Tonda; Reverance L

      Casuelle Nouvelle ~ I'll leave it up to you, Katriana, to choose the music
      that you think fits our needs/ and the confort level of our musicians best.
      (expert extraordinaire that you are)

      Casuelle Novelle
      (Couples in a line)
      Introduction: Reverance; Bransle L
      Part A: Singles L&R, 5 Doubles L R L R L
      3 Reprises R L R; Bransle L
      Singles L&R; Double L; Singles R&L
      3 Reprises R L R ; Bransle L
      Repeat Part A
      Part B: Singles L&R; 3 Doubles L R L
      3 Reprises R L R; Bransle L

      Keep em comin' lol


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