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  • Sauer, Michael F.
    Dec 2, 2002
      Hi All

      Yeah KWDS IV - not even oppoisite Lilies this year (by a week)!
      Thats right Lilies is really late (due to June 1st being sunday).

      I'll probably bew driving down, possibly taking a half day thursday and
      maybe a half day monday off. I have tentative crash space arranged.


      Fellow dancers and musicians,

      Could you please forward this announcement to your Kingdom lists if you
      don't see it posted there? I don't have posting priviledges to many of
      the Kingdom lists. Feel free to forward it to other dance and music
      relevent listservs.

      Thank you!

      Greetings to the Dancers and Musicians of the Known World!

      The Fourth Known World Dance and Music Symposium will be held in the
      Kingdom of Ansteorra by the College of Threebridges, June 6-8, 2003.
      Mundanely, the University of Texas at Arlington in Arlington, Texas.

      We are excited at the prospect of dance and revelry, classes and
      learning. A preliminary web page is available and will be updated as new
      information comes in, please check it often.
      Address: http://kwds.ansteorra.org
      Mirror site: http://ianthe.org/kwd

      Thanks for all your excitement, interest, and support so far. If you
      have any questions, please direct them to the autocrat, HL Philip White

      For those interested in teaching, we will begin accepting class
      proposals in December. European dance, Middle Eastern dance, and Music
      class tracks are all planed. The class schedule will be posted on the

      Reservations for site, housing, and dining services will begin
      after the start of the new year.

      Housing is available to all symposium attendants in Arlington Hall. Beds
      are limited and are available on a first come, first served basis.
      Arlington Hall is located on the East side of Campus next to the E.H.
      Hereford University Center. The University Center is where the majority
      of events will be held. The physical address is 600 South Pecan Street,
      Arlington TX, 76010.

      The Arlington, Texas Convention Center and Visitors Bureau
      (www.arlington.org) offers two methods to search for a hotel. These
      hotels vary in quality and price. Most are between 5 and 10 minuets away
      from site.

      Meal Plan:
      A meal plan is available to all symposium attendants. The food
      is served in the cafeteria located in the east wing of the E.H. Hereford
      University Center. The University is the building where a majority of
      the events will be taking place.

      Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
      (http://www.dfwairport.com/home.asp) is about 16 miles to the site, and
      is about a 25-minuet drive. Dallas Love Field
      (http://www.dallas-lovefield.com/) is about 25 miles to the site, and is
      about a 45-minuet drive.

      Map to the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA):

      Map of UTA Campus:

      Map of UTA Campus with University Center Highlighted:

      Driving Directions:
      To UTA from Dallas on I-30:

      To UTA from Dallas on I-20:

      To UTA from Fort Worth on I-30:

      To UTA from Fort Worth on I-20:

      To Arlington Hall from I-30 or I-20:

      In service to the dream of dance,

      Philip White (philipwhite@...)
      KWDS Event Stewart

      Lowrie Leulyn (nl33@...)
      KWDS webmistress

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      With the following body:
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