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280Letter of Dance Help Needed (please read, trying to locate people)

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  • Letter of Dance
    Oct 23, 2002
      Greetings All,

      If I could ask just a moment of your time.

      First, the address I have for Diane Phelan
      (Albuquerque, NM) bounced. If Diane or someone who
      knows her current address could contact me, I will
      forward along her copy of Issue 43.

      Second (and here's where I really could use help),
      This week I received a check from a lady (I believe)
      for a subscription to the Letter of Dance. I looked
      at it and tucked it away to deposit. Unfortunately I
      now can't find the check and I'm afraid it may have
      inadvertently gotten into a pile of junk mail which
      was thrown away. If anyone sent me a check in the
      past week or two or knows anyone who did, could you
      please have them contact me? Also, could you please
      forward this e-mail to local lists and/or bring it to
      dance practice? I feel absolutely awful and I'm going
      to keep searching for the check, but if I can figure
      out who ordered the subscription, then at least I can
      regain the lost information.


      Katherine Mercer,
      Editor of The Letter of Dance

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