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269Twelfth Night A&S Preview

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  • Maerwynn of Holme
    Jul 23, 2002
      Greetings to the list from Maerwynn of Holme, A&S coordinator for the next Twelfth Night celebration in Lonely Tower.

      While Kingdom A&S is just around the corner, it's never too early to start thinking about future competitions. I wanted to get the word out on what's in store for artisans in the New Year.

      Traditionally at Twelfth Night we have had a "triple trilevel" competition where three artisans of differing skill level (novice, intermediate, and advanced) got together to create a piece to enter. This year we're opening it up to include teams of two as well as threesomes. (For example, a novice creates a tunic and hands it off to an advanced or intermediate embroider; an advanced metalworker creates tools for an intermediate or novice artisan to use to do repoussé work; an intermediate spinner offers her spun work to a novice or advanced weaver; or even an intermediate artisan with documentation written by a novice or advanced researcher.) So, go find another artisan of a differing skill level and work together on something to enter in the DOUBLE/TRIPLE TRILEVEL. (This competition will be judged using trilevel criteria.)

      We're trying something new this year, a PERFORMING ARTS CONCERT, rather than the usual bardic competition. This site offers a wonderful venue, and we would like to invite the singers, choirs, musicians, dancers, storytellers, and other performing artists to come with their best stuff to present to those who gather (seasonal pieces are encouraged but not required). No "winner" will be chosen in an effort to encourage all to participate, but it's suggested that those in attendance bring small tokens to show their appreciation to their favorites.

      For those who are in the spirit of the season, we are also having a SEASONAL ITEM IN ANY MEDIUM competition. So bring the ornament you created, the candles you made, your favorite goodie, or the special gift you made for someone. (This competition is populace choice, documentation is encouraged but not required.)

      I've also got a couple more display possibilities up my sleeve--I'll keep everyone posted as they develop. Hope to see y'all there!

      (Apologies to any who get this more than once.)

      Maerwynn of Holme
      Lonely Tower, Calontir
      New email: Maerwynn@...
      Engle and Seaxe up becoman,
      ofer beadu-bleda Brytene sohtan...